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Chief Justice M. J. Johns feels confident in his command of people, events, and life inside the Supreme Court of the United States—that is, until an unknown shooter kills the police officer protecting the door to his private chambers.


The demands of the Chief Justice are met quickly, and he demands that Henry Baldwin, Marshal of the Court, find the shooter and fast. Baldwin, formerly the toughest homicide cop in Washington, D.C., deserves the reputation he earned as the Bulldog, but he’ll need all his skills and determination again. Tension grows between the two powerful and willful men as Baldwin, forced to work around the ongoing public business of the Supreme Court, finds few clues. Still, he pursues answers through the majestic public rooms and intimate private cubbyholes of the Court. The Bulldog will not be stopped.


This novel, told from the perspective of a Supreme Court insider, offers an intimate and accurate glimpse of life in the Supreme Court—along with a fast-paced and intriguing mystery.

Chief Justice: A Supreme Court Insider's Novel is available in both print and ebook from major booksellers, including, Barnes &, and the publisher, iUniverse.  Click on one of the buttons to go to the seller's website.

Courtroom of the Supreme Court of the United States

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