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Law Books    


Chief Justice: A Supreme Court Insider’s Novel, 2014


Minnesota Civil Practice (with William J. Keppel), three volumes loose-leaf, 4rd  ed. 2008, plus semi-annual supplements to keep current to date (published by Lexis-Nexis)

1st ed. published 1979 (four volumes hardcover)

2nd ed. published 1990 (four volumes hardcover)

3d ed. published 1999 (four volumes hardcover)


Computer-Aided Exercises on Civil Procedure (with Roger C. Park), 6th edition published in electronic edition available on website of Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Education [CALI]

5th ed. published 2004 (softcover by Thomson West)

4th ed. published 1995 (softcover by West)

3rd ed. published 1991 (softcover by West)




Law review articles


Viewing the “Same Case or Controversy” of Supplemental Jurisdiction Through the Lens of the “Common Nucleus of Operative Fact” of Pendent Jurisdiction, 45 Tex. Tech L. Rev. 905 (2013)


Supplemental Jurisdiction over Permissive Counter-claims and Set Offs: A Misconception, 64 Mercer L. Rev. 437 (2013)


Seeing the Forest for the Trees: The Transaction or Occurrence and the Claim Interlock Civil Procedure, 12 Fla. Coastal L. Rev. 247 (2011)


In Search of the Transaction or Occurrence: Counterclaims, 40 Creighton L. Rev. 699 (2007)


The True Compass: No Federal Question in a State Law Claim, 55 U. Kan. L. Rev. 1 (2006)


Dictum Run Wild: How Long-Arm Statutes Extended to the Limits of Due Process, 84 B.U. L. Rev.  491 (2004)


Drop the Shoe: A Law of Personal Jurisdiction, 68 Mo. L. Rev. 753 (2003)


Present Sense Impressions Cannot Live in the Past, 28 Fla. St. L. Rev. 907 (2001)


The Unconstitutional Stub of '1441(c), 54 Ohio St. L.J. 1059 (1993)


The Need for a New National Court (with Thomas E. Baker), 100 Harv. L. Rev. 1400 (1987)


Students and Practicing Lawyers Identify the Ideal Law Professor, 36 J. Legal Educ. 93 (1986)


Self-Images of Law Professors: Rethinking the Schism in Legal Education, 35 J. Legal Educ. 232 (1985)


Dead Men Tell Tales: Thirty Times Three Years of the Judicial Process After Hillmon, 30 Vill. L. Rev. 1 (1985)


Lerias: A Socratic Dialogue, 67 A.B.A.J. 867 (1981)


Diversity Jurisdiction: Is There Fear of Local Prejudice?, 7 Litigation 38 (Fall, 1980)




Other law and academic writings


A Personal Tribute to Chief Justice Rehnquist, 29 Hamline L. Rev. 1 (2006)


Chief Justice Warren E. Burger: A Personal Tribute, 19 Hamline L. Rev. 1 (1995)


The Enduring Faculty, 23 Hamline L. Rev. xxv (2000)


The Future of Legal Education, in For the Record: 150 Years of Law & Lawyers in Minnesota (MSBA 1999)


Profiles of all 26 Minnesota Chief Justices and Chief Judges, in For the Record: 150 Years of Law & Lawyers in Minnesota (MSBA 1999)


Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction [CALI] lessons.  Interactive computer lessons for law students re-issued annually to present.  Date of first writing in brackets.  Civil procedure lessons with Roger C. Park.  Last eight torts lessons written as a CALI national torts fellow.

-Analysis of a Diversity Case [1991; rewritten 2005]

-Jurisdiction and Venue [1991; rewritten 2005]

-Drafting a Complaint [1991; rewritten 2005]

-Demurrers and Judgments on the Pleadings [1991; rewritten 2005]

-Waiver Under Federal Rule 12 [1991; rewritten 2005]

-Directed Verdicts, Judgments N.O.V., and Binding Instructions [1991; rewritten 2005]

-Survey of Evidence (civil procedure version) [1991; rewritten 2005]

-Summary Judgment [1992]

-Preclusion [1996] [received Donald Trautman national CALI award for excellence]

-Intentional Torts [1998]

-Negligence [1998]

-Battery Basics [2001]

-Battery Puzzlers [2002]

-Assault [2002]

-Intentional Infliction of Mental Distress [2002]

-False Imprisonment [2002]

-Res Ipsa Loquitur [2002]

-Contributory Negligence and Last Clear Chance [2002]

-Assumption of Risk [2002]


Book review of Dream Makers, Dream Breakers:  The World of Justice Thurgood Marshall, 50 Bench & Bar of MN 31 (April, 1993)


The Last Decade of Legal Education, 59 Hennepin Lawyer 8 (May-June, 1990)


Book review of Oath of Office, 45 Bench & Bar of MN 25 (Oct., 1988)


Book review of Lawyers v. Educators: Black Colleges and Desegregation in Public Higher Education, 56 J. Higher Educ. 227 (1985)


Rhetorical Visions of Committed Voters in the 1980 Presidential Campaign, (with Ernest Bormann, Becky Kroll, and Kathy Watters), 1 J. Critical Stud. in Mass Comm. 287 (1984)


Book review of The Effective Administrator, 19 J. Educ. Admin. 108 (1981)


Nonverbal Communication in the Courtroom, 50 Hennepin Lawyer 3 (May-June 1981)


Leakage in the Courtroom: Nonverbal Indicators of Deception, 50 Hennepin Lawyer 8 (May-June, 1981)


Welcome to Hamline, 50 Hennepin Lawyer 16 (Sept-Oct 1980)

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